514-516 Elms Boulevard

This vernacular apartment property type has a central hall plan, with four units. However, each unit is probably contained on a floor. The two-story brick building has a flat roof. The two-front porches are each two-stories in height, and have been enclosed with metal framed, double-hung sash windows. The two porches are on the end bays of the front (east) elevation, and share a single flat roof with a very wide entablature. The porch columns are large, square supports with stone caps. The balustrade on the first level porches is brick with stone coping, and is stucco on the second. The front door is in the central bay, and is recessed between the two porches, and is reached by concrete steps with metal rails. It has a wide, simple stone lintel above and sidelights. The windows on the side elevations are double-hung sash, with multiple panes above a single lower sash. The windows are recessed, and have simple stone sills. There are two exterior fireplaces on the south and north elevations.

The Ligon Apartments

Constructed sometime between 1909 and 1913, the apartment building has retained a high degree of architectural integrity (with the only obvious alteration being the front porch enclosure. It is a good example of the many different multi-family residential structures which were built to accommodate Excelsior Springs' many visitors. In 1917, the residents were H. E. Kimber, J. W. Harper, Dr. W. E. Keith, and O. W. Holmes. In 1922, G. W. Ligon was the owner, as well as a resident of the apartments. However, he did own other properties, so it is difficult to determine if these were the Ligon Apartments referred to in various undated pamplets. These booklets list the Ligon apartments as furnished. There were 12 rooms, which in one publication let for $12.50 a week, or $35 and up per month. Another publication listed the rooms for $55 per month.

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