518 Elms Boulevard

This gable-front house utilizes a foursquare floor plan. The two-story reisdence has clapboards of varying sizes on the different stories, with those on the first being wider than those on the second. A wide flat sill board separates the different stories, and the second floor flares out slightly to overhang over the first. The gable-front roof is slightly bellcast, and has gable end returns. It has widely overhanging, open eaves. The three-quarters porch is one-story, and also has a gable-front roof of lower pitch, but with the same gable end returns. It sits on a narrow entablature, and is supported by short, tapering round columns on stone piers. The balusters are narrow wood slats, which extend to the ground level, covering the open foundation of the raised porch. The off-center entry door is wood, with fixed glass sashes of varying sizes. To the south of the entry door on the two-bay wide front (east) elevation is a group of three, fixed sash windows, with the central window being much larger. The majority of the remaining windows are one-over-one, double hung wood sash with metal storms, set in simple, flat wood surrounds. It the attic level of the gable-front, a group of three rectangular windows are arranged in a Palladian manner. The south elevation has a hipped roof, one story bay on the first level. A rear, hipped roof addition extends on the south elevation as well.

The McDavid Residence

Constructed sometime between 1909 and 1913, the house has retained a high degree of architectural integrity (with the only noticeable alteration probably occuring in the porch balustrade). It is a virtually intact example of a simple residential property type -- the American Foursquare. In 1913, the Sanborn map listed the building as a dwelling, but from 1926 through 1942, it was a rooming house. As such, it a good representative of the various housing types which were used to accommodate the residential needs of this popular resort city. J. E. McDavid was the owner occupant from at least 1917 through 1922. Other residents in 1917 were O. F. Dyer, Anna T. Peterson, Mrs. Augusta Hessel, and A. G. Spence. Elmer McDavid resident here in 1940.

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