523 Elms Boulevard

This American foursquare home contains the typical features of this property type -- a two-story, hipped roof, square plan home, with full-length front porch. The porch, which also has a hipped roof, has the same wide, overhanging, unenclosed eaves as the main portion of the house. The porch is supported by large, square stucco columns on stone piers. The porch balustrade is solid stucco with coping. The off-centered porch entry has concrete steps flanked by stone pillars. The house faces west onto Elms Boulevard. The front door has sidelights, with a key pattern wood lintel. The walls of the house are covered with stucco, with wood corner boards and a wood band separating the floors. The windows are one-over-one, double-hung sash with metal storms, set within flat wood surrounds with a slight projecting entablature. The north elevation has a two-story, oriel bay supported by wood knee brackets. There is a central, hipped roof dormer on the front elevation and two chimneys.

The Holmes Residence
Constructed sometime between 1909 and 1913, the house has retained a high degree of architectural integrity. It is a virtually intact example of a simple residential property type -- the American foursquare. In 1917 through at least 1922, J.D. Holmes was the owner and resident. In 1913, a small brick garage was added at the northeast corner of the property. By 1926, the garage had been enlarged and staddled the property to the north.

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