530 Elms Boulevard

This bungalow has architectural features associated with the Mission style. The one story bungalow has smooth stucco walls with a side gable roof (which formerly was tilted) and parapet ends. A front facing gable roof dormer also has parapet ends. The full-width, one story porch has a lower-pitched shed roof which further extends the gable roof of the house. The porch supports are massive square stucco supports set on a stone balustrade. The openings of the porch are arched above. Windows are three-over-one, and set within simple recessed openings with stone sills. The gable ends of the parapet walls have decorated circular attic vents. A massive exterior chimney with cap is on the south elevation. The large front entry door has sidelights.

The Wilhite Residence

Constructed sometime between 1913 and 1922, the house has retained a high degree of architectural integrity. It is a virtually intact example of the Mission style, as applied to a bungalow house form. The parapet roof, smooth stucco walls, and (originally) tile roof are all hallmarks of this style, which was rarely seen in Excelsior Springs. The resident and owner from 1922 through at least 1940 was Hugh Wilhite.

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